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Lucky in Lobes
pinhole camera
If there ever was a contest on who had the luckiest earlobes in the world I would win. Some years ago I met Federico Vianello at a mail art gathering in Italy. He is the most amazing jeweler on the planet. I bought earrings from him then and have been buying a pair when I could ever since and now I have a wonderful collection. When I started Z's emergency watercolor classes for her trip to Tuscany I made a deal to trade my fees that would mount up over the months for her to go to Federico when she passed through Fienze and pick up a package from him and give him the painting class fees. Meanwhile I wrote to Federico that Z was coming and to pick out a pair of earrings for me. Now she's on her way to Italy and yesterday Federico sent pictures of the earrings he designed for me. He wrote

... I make 2 pair of earrings (special for you)
and now I am not be able to choose wich of this is better for you.
...one is witty the other one is more serious.

circle shaped silver earrings with a gold abstract smiling face in the center set with several round colored stones
organic shaped blue and silver earrings with pearls

Which should I pick? Of course, I must have them both! Perhaps one pair now and one for Christmas?

Federico is participating in a competition for jewelers.
Please go to www.goldsign.net and vote for my favorite jeweler, Federico Vianello.


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ooh, they're both great, but the bottom ones really stand out. I love the blue colour--is it enamel?

It looks like enamel but none of my other Federico earrings are in enamel so I don't know. The earring pairs have names one is called cyber-smiles and the blue pair ones are cyber-flowers

How cool! I voted for him on that site btw. I absolutely adore fine jewellery, although I rarely ever wear more than my wedding and engagement rings. I love drooling over it though in shop windows and on websites like the one you linked to.

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