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Knut gave a talk at the Austin Usablitiy Professionals Association this evening on the frog design process. It was a wonderful talk but it was simultaneous to the Spurs Lakers game and when the presentation was over there were 7 minutes left in the game. The organizer told us where the nearest sports bar was and when we got to the TV the Spurs were winning in a close game and the bar crowd was enthusiastic with every Spurs basket. The score went back and forth for a few then Tim made a great basket to put us ahead with 11 seconds left. OK, then the Lakers made an even more spectacular shot with .1 second remaining in the game to win. The whole bar went dead. It was opera. I never trust the Lakers to lose so I was only depressed, not surprised. I don't know why I get emotional about a bunch of millionaires playing ball but Spurs playoff games share a quality of opera in the entertainment center of my brain. Looking for a Spurs LJ I actually found a Lakershater community.

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