honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

Women's Chamber of Commerce

Today's Women's Chamber meeting was quite fun featuring Joe Heller's lively personal branding talk. He was like Tom Cruise in Magnolia, not quite so extreme, but with the same obvious relishing of dynamic persuasive messaging. Usually the Chamber speaker is a woman like last month when we learned about the application of Improv Acting to business communications by Donna Howell-DePew of Third Coast Comedy - what a hoot! More men are joining the Women's Chamber which I regret. I like the femme meeting atmosphere. I dress up for the monthly gatherings in flowing silk skirts and high heels, my red Bruno Maglis from Goodwill for example. The meetings are part girrrls parties because we are more open with each other than at mixed gender business gatherings. In addition to contact-generating networking, there are sincere expressions of colearning and professional and personal support. I handed out my new Watercolor Classes brochure today and talked to our president, Rose, about donating a free watercolor class at the next meeting.

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