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My Spurs lost and thus ends my basketball viewing season. Good luck to all of you who are fans of teams still in the playoffs.

Meanwhile Jon Lebkowsky, my friend and our CEO at Polycot, refocuses my attention as the information atmosphere is thick with one horrible news story after another:

I support John Kerry's presidential campaign not because I think his or any candidate's leadership will provide some ultimate panacea for the significant and growing problems that we face, but because I think it is essential to remove an administration that is politically extreme, hostile to democracy, and of dubious competence. We should remain vigilant and active regardless who's assigned the responsibilities of leadership. We must commit to sustained and active participation in governance and in the construction of a viable future for our children and grandchildren. The future is in our hands, and the 2004 election is not an end to our problems, but a first step toward democratic solutions. by Jon Lebkowsky at www.weblogsky.com

I'm glad that professionally I am working to improve the online presence of the Texas Freedom Network, a mainstream voice to counter the religious right.

In the spirit of spring cleaning I took a pile of books to sell at half-priced books and came home with only two new books. I've been feeling a desire to have some Japanese art in my library and I was happy to find a cool book called 100 views of Mr. Fuji. So while I watched the game at Chili's last night I painted 5 thumbnail views of Mt. Fuji and a couple more Japanese inspired paintings using a white out pen for the snowcapped peak.

Now back to the job hunt.

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