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today's job hunt

Today I applied for an adjunct faculty position at the local community college. I wrote this course description...anybody want to sign up?

History of Communications Graphics

Course Description
A survey of the historical developments of graphic communications from prehistory to today. The course includes a study of history, methods of graphical representation, professional issues, current trends, and the importance of graphic communication in contemporary society. The course has a hands-on component in which students apply their learning by creating four communication graphic objects during the semester.

The history of communications graphics is essential knowledge for students who wish to become creative graphic designers, typographers, image-makers, illustrators, and digital media designers. The History of Communications Graphics course introduces students to the rich history of graphic communications, its impact on society, and provides students with opportunity to contribute to the field with their creative work.

Course Objectives
- Students will be able to delineate important developments in the history of graphic communications.
- Students will be able to outline methods of producing and reproducing graphic materials for business, education, and personal expression.
- Students will demonstrate selected methods for producing graphic communications about themselves and their culture.
- Students will explore how visual communications provide insight into shared elements of a culture.

Topics : Graphic communication from the dawn of civilization to yesterday
. Sumerian pictographic writing (3,500 BC)
. Papyrus in Egypt (2,500 BC)
. Perspective (1400)
. Printing (1440): block printing, letterpress, lithography, screen processes, typesetting (1885), office machines (1962)
. Photography (1822)
. Motion pictures: graphic and written narratives (1895)
. Television (1941)
. Desktop publishing (1985)
. The Internet and interactivity
Interrelationships between art and graphic communications
Ethical and legal issues in graphic communications
The graphic communications industry
Careers in graphic communications

- Graphic communications and personal branding
Identify and create two graphic designs of who you are within your personal context
- Graphic communications and contemporary culture
Identify and create two graphic designs representing larger social, political, and cultural contexts
- 3-page research paper in APA format
Describe and analyze a graphic communications "hot topic" identified in three sources as an important trend in contemporary graphic design.

- Impact of historical developments graphical communication
- Methods of production and graphical representations of culture
- Current developments in the communications graphics field

Instructional Activities
- Online Blog for discussing and sharing graphical communications
- Sketchbook
- Guest lecturer from a professional graphics design company
- 3-page research paper on graphic communications "hot topic" in contemporary graphic design.

Class projects:
- Design graphic from student’s personal cultural background
- Graphic design expressing larger social, political, and cultural context

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