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horrible meeting//letter from Bill Clinton

Yesterday I attended an all day grievance intervention for one of the programs that was an important piece of my graduate education. The leaders of the program, head of the department, and dean of the college were present. The narrow focus and competition of members of the academic team was really sad. I thought almost with regret, "I got a Ph.D. from these people?" They acted like the Simpsons with a vocabulaby boost. I felt sick after the meeting and decided not to attend today's final piece. So I went to the life drawing class and played with color then I came home to find a letter from Bill Clinton, yes, that Bill Clinton in my mailbox. I wrote to President Clinton at the time of the March SXSW conference to relay to him observations by tech business people that Democrats should publicly support not only labor but also small businesses. This small/medium business support should be a key talking point for the Democrats otherwise the small/medium business constituency will default to the business friendly reputation of the Republicans.

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