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New Polycot

I received 2 rejection letters today including one from the perfect job in the desert. The desert art/tech job would have been a good fit for me, but then I'd have to move away from so many people and projects that are also a good fit right here. I'm steering away from the academic path these days, first, because it's quite late in the hiring season and second, my work with Polycot is starting to grow. My recent prototype testing with the a Web site redesign job is proving to be an important addition to Polycot's offerings. Also one of my favorite small shops in town needs some tech support and a new online brochure and ebay store so I'm bringing some honoria type business into the fold. The best part is that we have a new business partner who is wonderful to work with and who fills a gap in the Polycot team to perfection. Things are looking up.

I've been carrying around my letter from Bill Clinton. I like to bring it out of my purse whenever the conversation turns to politics. "Oh, by the way speaking of politics look what I got in the mail..." Everyone does a double take when they see the return address.

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