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Deliverables :: Moschino :: Sushi

The wireframes are delivered to the client, a conference call was held, and all development is proceding with corporate speed and intention.

After a lovely lunch with my friend Anna I stopped by Big Bertha's Bargain Basement to see the proprietor, Henry. Henry wants me to get his store computer going again after maintenance, only the computer is still in a drawer and Henry was busy with a client who owns a gallery. I stayed amazed as I watched her and Henry put together one fabulous gallery opening outfit after another. I naturally joined in the fun. Henry gave me a store credit for my help which I applied to a killer Moschino strectch jacket with 3/4 sleeves. The jacket features lots of multicolored buttons: widely spaced buttons at the top and more densely color buttoned at the bottom. Quite happy for a black jacket. It think I'll wear it to the upcoming Death by Sushi party at Rich's. Each summer Rich hires a wonderful sushi chef from South Beach to come to his house to make sushi for 12 guests. I am lucky enough to be among the invited! Death by Sushi is always the highlight of the summer feasting!

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