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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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brake lights
pinhole camera
Last night my brake lights would not go off. Bob helped me disconnect the battery. So today I'll reconnect the juice and it's back to the mechanic who helped me get the lights to turn on.

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appropos of nothing, do you want a copy of this book Office 2001 bible. I thought you were still using OS 9, and thus using Office 2001.

I'm using OS9 but also only office 98 :-) grazie

The book covers a lot that is also relevant to Office 98, and I have the disk for Office 2001 (I bought it in Austin a few years ago), and would be willing to donate this to you as well, if you wish.

What about books for Illustrator 9? Dreamweaver 4? or another Dreamweaver Filemaker Pro 4?

I don't know if you have a need for any of these, but would ship them to you at book rate. I never use OS 9 anymore, for any reason, so these tomes are just taking up shelf space that I could fill with CDs.....

I could use the Dreamweaver books and the Illustrator, even though I don't have Illustrator on the little blue laptop. I'm trying to get rid of stuff not collect it but these seem to fit with my current life. No filemaker please. Grazie.

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