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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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The man in the red suit
pinhole camera
I have been cleaning and organizing, a labyrinthine process for an artist, turning down memory lanes in each pile of papers and paintings. Today I found a story by my nephew Andrew that he wrote in Grade 5 published in the Travis Heights Elementary Inspirtations in 1988.
One day in the year 5029, on New Year's Eve, a man in a red suit rode into town on a 1988 Toyota. Everyone gasped, "How can you ride that thing? You know that the government banished all cars made before 23951!" But the man in the red suit said nothing. He went to a Scalamitee (SKAL-A-MIT-E) (it means motel, but the government banished motels, so the people made Scalamitees). The genpato (GEM-PA-TO) (which means robot, but the government banished robots, so the people made gempatos) at the front desk told him to go to falico (FOL-IK-O) (which means room, but the government banished rooms, so the people made falicos) #9275. Every day the man rode around town 97257925 times. One day the man was on his 97257924th time, when his car broke down. The man tried to run the rest of the way, but he didn't quite make it. He died. The mystery about the man in the red suit was never solved. THE END

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for sure that is the highlight of my week (which has been a real sludge, but that's a kvetch for another time).

happy bloomsday too

that's great! I love his use of numbers and anthropological detail. What's he doing now that he's grown up?

Andrew is, if possible, even more amusing and fun with an aura of mystery and international awareness. He travels the world, he started his university studies in mechanical engineering but switched to earn a classics degree, he works in a hospital pharmacy, he downloads music from Russia, he often speaks in comic movie quotes. Before Ethan was born, Andrew lobbied the pregnant Katie to name her baby Maximus Deuteronomy so we could all call Ethan the Dude.

wow, you have quite a family! Andrew sounds like a very cool guy.

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