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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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Pistons rule
pinhole camera
two artist trading cards in orange, purple, and red that include small images of Johnny Depp

Piston's game artworks:
basketball-colored trading cards with
two Depp inclusions.

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I love your sense of colour. I never have the courage to be bold with it.

Try shadow paintings. I recall you said you'd try shadow painting with the help of glasses of gin & tonic as models. Try painting with Gouache (opaque watercolor) -- add some white for pastel fantasia.

Another ice breaking painting technique handed down to me by my Uncle Laddie: mix your various paints together 2 colors (or maybe 3) at a time. After each color mix put a dab of the resulting mixed color on the page. Spin the page after each daub. A kandinsky will emerge. If you are still intimidated about color and applying paint, add the act of closing your eyes when applying the paint. It's fun. It's a party game. It's good solitaire too.

Speaking of color you all will be relieved to know that my Geothe Theory of Colours book that was lost has been found. Now I wish that single earring would turn up that is somewhere in hiding with my last pair of sunglasses.

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