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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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today's mail art
pinhole camera
Off today to Italy to my friend, the wonderful performance artist, Raimondo del Pretecollage of Raimondo del Prete and Franco Santini on a pastel painted watercolor card
who performs with Franco Santini as I Santini del Prete. I harvested their picture from an old envelope from Raimondo.
They are Such fine artists and funny too.
address side of postcard with photo of honoria and the text celebration of the mysterious gifts of mail art friendships

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have a wonderful, magical time :-) xxx

The card is going to Italy to see Raimondo. I'm staying in Austin moving art around my mind to decide what to ditch and what to save. Oh the process of organizing a life of creative chaos. It's just not natural!

*smiles* have a wonderful magical time! :-D


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