honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

hit bottom!

I hit the bottom of my art collection after days and days of sifting. Today my challenge was the crossdresser stack. I did some yummy sketchy paintings of two crossdresser friends playing dressup. We did a number of sessions. All the works are fast ink sketches on Summi-E painting paper with strong hits of gouache and flourescent paints. Very delicate paper very bold paintings. They are full of fun fashion memories plus they are pretty successful chunks of art. I forced myself to pitch as many as I could. The next step is to move all the keepers into neat portfolioed groups. I do have all the crossdressers together, all the big slow wcs like Marlon together, Chios together - it takes up 3 portfolios, the blank pages of paper together but there are still many categories yet to arrange. My achievement to date is that I have divided the keepers from the tossers and tossed the tossers.
person looking in mirror and applying eye make up next to a vase full of flowers

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