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lemonade and mowing party

Happy 4th of July
Our robot lawnmowing/lemonade party yesterday was lovely. I made pitcher after pitcher of fresh sour lemonade with sparkling water and minimum sugar. We also served shaties (1/2 beer and 1/2 lemonade) that I learn about from Robert (Bobbie) Rautin 10 years ago in Paris.Robert Rautin,sculptor and Honoria, painter recreating Michaelangelo's hands of creation in front of a framed image of the fresco in the window of a Paris gallery, 1994

Knut bought 40 lemons and we used most of them during the afternoon. We had 3 kinds of chips & dips, including red, white, and blue tortilla chips. Knut launched the robot lawnmower. It mesmerized the masses and stuck fear into the moms. It is hypnotic, especially for geeky guys. If it hits something on its rubber bumpers, it stops beeps, then backs up.

People kindly brought their babies and other young folks (under 6 years) with them, so it was also a fun pass-the-baby event. There were no child/mower interactions. Knut's becoming a good baby rocker. Lucas is the BEST. He loves babies. Richard held forth on robotic housekeeping, wirelessness, and avoided the babies. Colin, the arborist, gave Knut a tree-by-tree tour of his new property. Unfortunately I got to tag along on only part of the tour but Knut took notes.

I showed my stack of old drawings from the commune days to George & Colleen. I gave Katie a watercolor landscape of Eagle Lake in Ontario that didn't make it to the dumpster.watercolor of a lake a tree a forested far shore and a partly-cloudy sky

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