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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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Ikea Monday
pinhole camera
Knut in front of the Ikea store in Houston
Drove East to look through
Euro modern home decor
Clouds of high color

Drove West to Elgin,
in the hot summer sunset,
scored some barbeque

(We drove to Houston and back to the new larger IKEA store to buy kitchen cabinets for the rental unit.)

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I shall be off to IKEA also in the next few weeks, to buy furnishings and other stuff for the new house. I will keep you posted of the new address and move date!

Apparently every household in England is supposed to have at least one thing inside that comes from IKEA.

Happy housewarming. IKEA has good stuff for good prices and has places to sit and refresh with good food when you get tired. It's a good place for people watching too.

We went to IKEA with friends and had a great day out, lots of bargains, especially plants for the house, our kitchen is now full of green leaves.

Theres alot of work to do on our new house, I keep noticing things. The more I notice, the more I realise that doing the work to put right what needs putting right is going to take out of the precious little time I have for mail art. Still there will always be some time for mail art, the list of diy jobs is also not endless!!

The letters are so large and Knut is so small. Did he shrink?

didn't you see Knut's powerful new dryer at the new house? Accidents will happen.

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