honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

Death and Onions

skull and shoulder girdle of skeleton flanked by two onion domes

Flesh cleaned bones, art class
models of structural grids
inside of us all

I'm finding some life drawings with gesso swirls and flourescent gouache in my piles. Life drawing includes death drawing because in most cases a human skeleton is in the classroom, and often on the model stand. I took photos of some life drawing work to make into slides for job applications. Today the reviewers for the Texas coast job wrote that they wanted traditional slides for review, not a CD-ROM of my portfolio that I had sent. I immediately sent slides of more recent work, but I also want to build a slide collection of some of my other ventures down art paths. Don't ask me what the onion domes are doing beside this dead model. I can't remember but I still like them. They were probably part of a still life surrounding the skeleton.

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