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Fun Interviews

It was an impressive team of Women's Studies professors who interviewed me yesterday. I was frank and happy with them. I'm not the right fit for the secretary job so I switched to faculty interview mode. I told them that I would continue to seek a faculty position and they all agreed that I should, so it was an empowering meeting instead of an interview. Then I met two women from the private school for a happy hour and we really hit it off. The woman who is the hiring contact told me that my resume for the art teaching job was the most impressive she'd ever seen! BUT, the director of the school has already offered the job to a teacher from his former school in California. I heard about the job on Friday and applied to it on Monday morning. It's too bad I didn't hear about it just a bit sooner last week. In summary, the interviews delivered more positive and detailed feedback than the form letters rejections that I get in the mail every day, and I feel much happier about my long slow job hunt. Then Knut took me out to dinner at a restaurant overlooking the lake. The sun set. The boats pulled into the dock, the carp rose, the ducks paddled, the turtles slowly moved the lake weed aside to surface. Lovely.

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