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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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Multiple mail art message boards
pinhole camera
Some people post onto several message boards. Most mail artists adapt to the social customs of the board, for example, if a board is used mainly for posting invitations to exhibition most of the people who post comments and conversations on other boards stick to posting invitations. However, disruptive people seem to carry over their personal communication style no matter where they are. Summary most people respect the existing environment and follow the unspokent patterns that have been established by users. But naughty people want to change the board's style to match their own.

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Did you own an ant-farm when you were young?

Nope, I lived on an island made of sand full of ant holes, crab holes, and holes made by shellfish washed up by the waves. I do think that message boards are riddled with riddles of intricate trails though, now that you mention it:-)


What about ant-lions? I used to caught them in san-filled wine glasses... but would be too depressed to feed.

we had ant lions too.

Good shit... reminded me of ear-wigs.. or those ear-wig like creatures fromt he old star trek.. the ones that ate your brains..

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