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Knowledge and Information Planner
pinhole camera
Today I applied to the position of Knowledge and Information Planner for a green energy company:-) and they called me for an interview tomorrow at 11 a.m. Look what a great fit for me!

1. College degree (required); Business or Education degree preferred.
2. Proven previous instructional design or knowledge management experience (preferred),
3. Proven broad experience base with operations, change management, and information technology systems (preferred),
4. Proven creative thinker to challenge existing business rules and define new business practices (required).
5. Proven ability to design and develop training for a variety of instructional methodologies
6. Must be highly creative and motivated; excellent organizational planning skills
7. Proven ability to work on cross-functional teams
8. Superior communication and relationship building skills
9. Proven ability to multi-task and work within aggressive timeframes with minimal supervision
10. Strong project management skills.
11. MS Visio, Excel, Word, Access, Project skills/experience required (required),
12. Positive, results oriented and dynamic personality (required).

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sounds like you have everything they're looking for! best of luck with the interview! x

OMG, that gives me a really good feeling in my gut. How did it go? Were they cool folks? Do you need a reference? Tell 'em to call me!

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