honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

Polyphonic spree is fun

The Polyphonic Spree is lead by Tim DeLaughter, cool name, energetic and personable guy. There are about twenty musicians and singers who get the place jumpimg with a seventiesish orchestra and choral pop music. They dress in long robes, and spring forth in a riot of music, color, dance, mystery, energy, and spectacle. There were some little kids in the audience with Polyphonic spree robes on. After the show the whole band lined up, signed posters and CDs and the kids' robes. Color theory is everywhere. Here's an interview with more about them: http://www.dbloss.com/2004/01/040130_polyphonic_spree_interview.php

Then we went out to eat in a post polyphonic spree giddiness with Heather, Damien, Rachel and Nick. Rachel and I started a brainstorm for an art in public place project. Running that program was one of the jobs I applied for. It will be a good learning experience to go through the artist side of the program.

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