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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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studio money and databases
pinhole camera
This weekend I worked on my house to make Lucas' room into my studio. I learned that I did not get the big fellowship that would have made my last year in school much better. Too bad. I'm glad I bought the Ray print before getting the form letter. I may be poor but I collect real art from dead artists. I plugged away on the database and got a nice response from Dobrica in Yugoslavia and a funny zine from Snak-Y the V.I.P.er..

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This comment isn't germane to your post, but...

I used to get ND magazine, and I'm pretty sure we had some direct contact several years ago (almost, gasp, ten, I bet). I recognized your name while reading the lj mailart community.

I read a number of your entries and took the liberty of adding you to my friends list. Hope you don't mind.

--Luke McGuff (seattle)

Hi Luke,
I worked on ND for a few years as the mail art editor. Dan Plunkett put together a great team and I learned a lot about mail, zines, and international underground music. Nice to see you on livejournal. what do you think about the effects of the Internet on the mail art network?
cheerio, honoria on your friends list, thanks

Well, the internet has certainly taken me away from mail art, but I can't say about it's affect on mail art in general. I've just discovered some very mail-art-like activities on LiveJournal and look forward to seeing how the combination pans out. I keep "meaning" to get more active in mail art again, but never get around to it. Hah!

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