honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

deCuttering postcard

postcard cluttered with rubberstamps and watercolor
four clutterer types:
problem-solver, collector,
sentimental planner

A Woman's Day article points out that there are 4 kinds of clutter:
Sentimental: organize keepsakes in scrapbooks or pass on to other people who share the same memories
Problem-solver: you think keeping things is practical but then you can't find anything
Planner: store raw materials in clear bins so you can find the makings for projects
Collector: finding is the fun in collecting so sell your finds to other collectors and pass on the fun

This simple categorization helped me put things into new mental and physical compartments and toss stuff out.

Putting decluttering to work, these feastive meeting notes turned into Mail art and sent to the NPR Studio 360 exhibition. http://plexus.org/cgi-bin/chalk/admin/admin_oneworld.pl?read=1322

Of course, mail art causes much more clutter than it eliminates -- you get mail all the time, you maintain a shifting stockpile of rubber stamps, works in progress, future collage elements...oh well, it's worth it...the clutter of mail art -> my life

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