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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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Women for Kerry
pinhole camera
david conservative
brooks new york times opinion,
at last I wrote back --

forums against 'ums
debate in articulate
politics' nuance

our world is worser -
bush misadministration
clogs our goodwill pores

I enjoy reading David Brooks' NYT column and seeing him on the Lehrer report on Fridays even though I don't agree with his conservative positions. But today I had to write back when he launched an attack on Kerry's plan for Iraq. It was interesting to write into the fray and talk back to David. The other posts on the Brooks forum are much more complex. But my message is simple. The Bush administration has mishandled World Peace, the US economy, and our country's global reputation. It's past time for them to be out of office.

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The political conversation gets very complex fast. Thanks for the linka. It felt good to write a haiku response to Brooks.

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