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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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pinhole camera
In terms of pure manly man warrior persona Kerry clearly won the debate! Kerry made a convincing case that he will effectively lead the fight to hunt and kill terrorist enemies which is what people want to hear to counter this mismanaging, conflict-mongering, swaggering Bush administration. Kerry is obviously most suited to serve as our Commander in Chief and manage the war on terror in a realistic and intelligent manner.

Last night's debate is the beginning of a leadership change in November. Vote!

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I watched on CSPAN, which showed Chimpy with his trademark eye-rolls, smirks, red-faces and grimaces, all related to unpreparedness. Kerry looked like he was enjoying himself.
Apparently not all networks complied with the debate agreement
Perhaps even more seriously for President Bush, the networks ignored broadcasting guidelines agreed beforehand and showed both candidates at the same time. On several occasions, Mr Bush could be seen sour-faced and nervous in reaction to some of Mr Kerry's remarks. Similar "cut-away" shots of Al Gore in the first presidential debate four years ago sapped his campaign and helped put Mr Bush into office.
- from the Guardian

Ha, meet our new president!

I read somewhere that Kerry used his prosecuter persona instead of his statesman image for this debate. Good choice. Here are some pix from the debate with some funny captions. It will be interesting to watch the spin.


We have the sole Kerry/Edwards yard sign in Collin County!

Maybe a few more will spring up after the debate success:-)

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