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pinhole camera


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Crawford Iconoclast blasts Bush
pinhole camera
The Crawford, Texas
paper endorses Kerry;

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wow! i'm impressed. :-)

Crawford is a very small town in Texas. I'm really surprised about this editorial. I think it should be front page national news because this is the heart of Bush country. There is hope!

Re: great editorial

lol! i'm sure FOX news and CNN news will keep it well away from any of their broadcasts.
usa scares the geepers out of me.
and my own country following suite is also very scary. we have election here on the weekend. hoping that our current (bush follower) prime minister is ousted. fingers crossed eh?
i posted the editorial in my lj too. i didn't cite you as the source, to protect you in case of any lj drama coming to your peaceful journal. :-)
though, if it weren't for lj, i would be thinking everyone in usa was pro bush, as that is mostly what we are fed through our own media.
have a good week, and thanks for sharing the editorial, it certainly made me smile. :-)

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