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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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pinhole camera
I made angry postelection art off and on all day. Oil sticks are good for angry artmaking. Take that and that and that you pontificating morons... stab scrape gouge smear spill jab hit throw ... now i'm going to mail one of the pieces to the war and peace show.

six small abstract paintings

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(Deleted comment)
I do agree with John Perry Barlow's post election reflection on respecting the values of opposite sides of our, currently intense, American identity differences:
We must do our collective best to shatter the fetters of intolerance and live more in the necessary amnesty of interdependence. We need to quit scaring each other.

I try to be optimistic. Bush is competely unteachable, makes Ronald Reagan look like a hard-headed pragmatist, but people can always grow up.

The comment above is me, sorry.

-- John M. Burt

Thanks Ian and John for listening...

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