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Mystery Dissertation

Soon I will also have to revisit the outline of the whole dissertation. Maybe I could spend an hour at the writing group coffee house today pulling way back to the outline view and rearranging add and subtract based on what I now know is happening with the flow of data. It may be time to start moving back and forth between the mass of details I've collected in interviews and the big picture on a regular basis. Maybe I should identify the characters and let them develop their stories, foreshadow the interviews. The stars as it appears right now -- Let's do a cast of characters like at the front of a murder mystery and the map of the village! The Global Village.

Ray Johnson - The body who motivates the players
Rain Rien - A grandfather in MN who uses Internet auction sites in the same wayward way that Ray Johnson used the postal system
Bill Wilson - Ray Johnson's friend and correspondent for 45 years frequently appears on Crosses.net message board with insights about the past and Ray's life and art
May Wilson - Bill Wilson's mother and Ray Johnson's friend until her unmysterious death.
Anna Banana - Proud and traditional mail artist with history of radical publications, gardener with own business of creating artist stamps, performance artist on the theme of bananas
Dragonfly Dream - Motorcycle riding tatooed mail artist who got two kinds of cancer during this research and survived both kinds. Did mail art show both on the internet and via the post for people to decorate a picture of her head that was bald from cheomotherapy.
Live Journalists - members of private internet community who share more delicate versions of mail art and conversations in the members-only online community.
Crossses.net posters - members of an open mail art discussion board lead by Merlin who rages against all mail art that is not posted through the postal system even though he has set up the bulletin board on the Web.
Carla Cryptic - retired professor of woman's studies who is using her retirement to jump back into the random access of both mail art and the Internet.
Sztuka Fabryka a.k.a. De Decker Geert - Mail artist active since 1987 who is creating an online mail art encyclopedia, founded a yearly arts festival in which mail artist meet (congress) in context with other performance activities and music. Even though he is a man he is from Belgium so he may be the inquirer, the mail art detective in this dissertation. After all Hercule Perot was a man and from Belgium.

At first I was thinking that honoria would be the detective but our friend, the Dutch inquirer really seems to be actually playing the part with repeated online questioning and essay writing. He sincerely takes a conservative stand that mail art is loosing its meaning with all the newcomers hoping in from the net - the death of mail art? He is doing a parallel inquiry to mine by asking people to write components to his online mail art encyclopedia, and he motivates a lot of action on the ground with his festival. Of course, it would mean that I MUST attend the next festival, I think in April. It would be much better if the detective were a woman but we'll have to sort that out later.

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