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french-UT party

At the France UT conference yesterday I finally met hypertext writer Michael Joyce. I gave him one of my hand painted business cards and he wrote a poem on the spot on the back of his card that he gave me:
in honor
of honoria
in an hour
of euphoria

"euphoria" is circled with an arrow from it pointing to the bottom of the card to the term a chora

For a good time do a search on the term "a chora":
Discrete quantities of energy move through the body of the subject who is not yet constituted as such and, in the course of his development, they are arranged according to the various constraints imposed on this body--always already involved in a serniotic process--by family and social structures. In this way the drives, which are "energy" charges as well as "Psychical" marks, articulate what we call a chora: a nonexpressive totality formed by the drives and their stases in a motility that is as full of movement as it is regulated.

We borrow the term chora from Plato's Timaeus to denote an essentially rnobile and extremely provisional articulation constituted by movements and their ephemeral stases.

Julia Kristeva, The semiotic or chora: primary process. From “The Semiotic Chora Ordering the Drives” http://www.ualberta.ca/~dmiall/Gothic/Kristeva.htm

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