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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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pinhole camera
Amazing Job:
1. I'm working with a colleague on an orbital jazz ensemble that will include astronauts on the space station for an international conference in '05.
2. I'm arranging for a nano happy hour to facilitate brain storming of our incredible advisory board with UT Nanotechnology scientists to ensure Austin's place in bio-tech action.
3. I'm working with professors to market STS classes to students. Since the program is interdisciplinary we have to work to get it aligned with students' graduation plans.

Science, Technology and Society (STS) is the unification of traditionally separate disciplines into an integrated whole to address problems in society. Our goal is to develop a meaningful whole from seemingly disparate academic research and teaching pieces, by making multidirectional intellectual connections among disciplines, ideas, and among diverse groups of individuals and organizations. and it's fun.

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That actually sounds most interesting - I knew from haggisthesecond (my wife) that you're an artist but I didn't know you had such an active interest in Austin's nanotech scene. So I'm going to add you to my friends' list if you don't mind. Good luck with the work!

Welcome to my friends list. I'm not all that close to the nanotech happenings. I may not post much about it since I will be more a connections facilitator than a driver. However, in the area of art&tech and curriculum development in STS I'll be very active.

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