honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,


what a day for a convertible...Neverland was a tear jerker chick flick with good acting and a theatrical look into what the first staging of Peter Pan might have been like. The film dramatized complex inspirations for fiction writing. A family's sad drama is transformed by the writer's insight, emotional responses, and creativity into a play full of magic. The kid actors are very fine. Depp's work with the kids is natural and touching. you can fly you can fly you can fly...after the movie I let the other members of the JD Fan Club choose from my stack of Johnny Depp collage art trading cards and Anna gave me a swingy cheerful multicolored muffler of many loops...then when I came home and flipped on the TV the San Antiono spurs were playing the Cavaliers and I got to see LeBraun James play finally. Spurs won!

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