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The advisor and the grad student

Adviser asks, "What is the relation between the episode with Merlin (The Injunction against Dissertating) and the episode of the Bath (the Initiation)?

Honoria replies: I thought about the opening and changed the sequence so that the events are in chronological order. So now it's 1994 the bath - Ray calls, 1995 Ray dies, 2001 the research begins and the warning arrives.

Adviser wonders, "So is the mystery whether there even *is* a Body? or are we to take the Body of Mail Art for granted as a substantive thing that exists?

Honoria replies: There is one body found in the reeds at the edge of the harbor, there is another body of work that breathed life into an art movement //body of mail art. So looks like there are two bodies, Ray's body sets up a mystery expectation and the body of mail art will experience the effects of the Internet on the lives of its mail artists. Are the effects new life, death, profound change, mere tweaking, cohabitation, identity shift? If there is a death who are the suspects? If there is a changed identity who and what changed? If nothing happened why all these clues?

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