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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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Birthday Pozole
pinhole camera
birthday presents on a table with Ulf and Maida
What's in those packages? I received a set of beautiful metalic crayons and a CD of Italian arias.

Then we went to see an Andrew Goldsworthy exhibit who seems a poor second to Yoko Ono's art with nature and ephemeral events. But Goldsworthy is a great artist to show to kids who get inspired to make creative things using the nature around them. There were some very fine photos of work that had been done by kids and families in response to the Goldsworthy exhibit.

Then we went to a fabulous contemporary "life drawing" show at Art House that featured work by Beth Campbell. Working with words and videos, she makes funny, yet elegantly poetic and touching, decision trees out of minor elements in her life. http://www.stylusart.com/noticias/hello/obra3.htm
I was also inspired by Danica Phelps' line drawings of her everyday life. http://www.sisterla.com/Artists/Danica_Phelps/dinnerlegscrossed/dinnerlegscrossed.html

Today women artists are more meaningful to me than men artists even though I am constantly inspired by dead men who painted. We talked about that in the JD fan club outing last night. We went to see Sideways and then out to eat oysters yum yum at the Alligator Grill. Those two Sideways guys are manipulative loosers posers and fakes so it is very refreshing when in the middle of the movie they get "used" by a woman they consider plain.

I planted my birthday nasturtium seeds and we ran out of turkey litter compost.

gang of people at the table

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happy birthday Honoria!! Sounds like a wonderful day.

Andy Goldsworthy did a project a few years ago where he installed giant snowballs in various locations near the financial centre of London. As the snowballs melted, they revealed that they contained various things--stones, sheep's wool, etc. There were two in the square where we lived, and people were so absolutely delighted and intrigued by them--some even set off to wander the streets looking for more. I've rarely seen random passersby engage with public art so spontaneously and with such a sense of wonder.

I agree, I think the enticing appeal to go out and make art is a really great thing about Goldsworthy's work. I'm glad it's so popular because it helps us keep a strong sense the magic qualities in nature that have inspired art through the centuries.

adorable presents, adorable people.... hapy day!

it was a grand pozole birthday and I love playing and playing with my presents

Oh my goodness! A birthday girl! {{{Happy Birthday!}}}

love, Seth

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