honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

writing is drawi ng

Takao tore apart and rebuilt two laptops while I did the same to the fall 05 course schedules. Did I overspend on my birthday? yes, too many shoes. dinero goes so fast. thinking about art is not doing it. shadow painting of fam portraits might be fun for Sarah's wedding.

writing is drawing ideas in words

dissertating so long brings forth watercolors...Dr Honoria...went to workout with Lucas this morning - delight - some muscles are getting stronger and more confident, confident muscles? free writing sunset shadows Milto's line for food romantic couples at sunset, did I spend too much on shoes? we come back to birthday spending. the couples melted away...conversation bits: "a year later I tell him his wedding was hilarious, he got $1,000 fine and had to spend the night in jail" 3 European men on the other side of the restaurant chatter

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