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Meditation on undying friendship

Bill Wilson was Ray Johnson's friend over 4 decades. Bill continues to write about Ray's art in places that still surge with Ray's eternal network waves. [Ray Johnson]jumped or leaped from the bridge, aiming toward a surface of water, and then swimming on that surface. According to witnesses, he was swimming the backstroke. I can't move toward that event in a close-up, my mind loses all focus, but I can suggest that the supine backstroke reverses the position of the Australian/American "crawl," which people are more prone to. The backstroke, like many physical positions, is a metaphysical position. Driving back to New York after his father's funeral, he swam in a motel pool at night, looking at the stars. I have written that Ray, the comedian of the letter, longed to dissolve into the Cosmos like water in water. Now I am working on another image, that he wanted to become the-water-in-the-wave, but the words don't feel quite right yet, although the ideas in the image of a wave, which sets water in motion, connect with other implications of "sets in motion." Whatever Ray' aim in submerging beneath the surface of water, his corpse returned to the surface, bringing with it life-&-death questions of the relations of life to depths beneath the surfaces of life. Perhaps we can aspire behind or beneath surfaces, which can be superficial, toward depths that can suggest greater truths than mere surfaces, but that as depths render life impossible. A human may feel like a fish out of water, but cannot become a fish in the sea. Ray's truest home was under water, but when he reached his home, he drowned. Sure, the idea of suicide appears on the surface, but the reality is in the depths of his return to where he belonged, like a person who strains at a backstroke until turning over to be mashed breathlessly into oneness. See the Sea. See "The Comedian as the Letter C."
-- Bill Wilson
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