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Early this morning my mail box was buzzing with thoughts from two correspondents, Rain Rien and Bill Wilson and suddenly my mystery structure shifted to an epistolary (duh) structure which of course, is more appropriate but may not be as purple. I can start off the same way, with Merlin's warning then I can sift through my q & a data collection with a mail sorter in my mind. I don't know why I'm having such a time coming up with a grand scheme for this chapter. It's not writing itself yet, but today's influx of new mails helps me to see ways to portray the emails and the enveloped mails with their questionnaire answers as an evolving series of responses to my outgoing mails. Having Rain Rien making art and selling it on ebay in response to the research is really exciting and appropriate in the contexts. The mystery scheme seems more forced.
That's the thoughts for this eve.

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