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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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Johnny Depp Coloring Book
pinhole camera
I made and submitted the Johnny Depp Coloring book as a job application and now it's online.
It's a job application...
It's a coloring book...
It's a love letter to Man Ray...
I would be such fun to watch Johnny Depp play one or more of those avant garde artists.

If you are not a livejournal member please send your JD coloring to honoria@mail.utexas.edu
I will post your coloring book page to the comments.
thank you networking artist

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Fabulous dharling! I've never really seen anyone's coloration of the pictures. What kinds of makeup did you use?

Oh, a little Paintbrush here, a little Eraser there, and a good helping of Filter.
Glad to see i started something. :)

It won't be anything like as nice-looking.

So, anybody know how you attach pictures to comments directly?

Re: Mine Comes by E-Mail

colored depp-o-gram by John Burt thanks, John.

You have to have a place to save the images that will allow you to link from them. I use mailartist.com.

from color theory no doubt!

Just before I heard previews of Finding Neverland (with Depp playing the Irish playwright Barrie), I had an idea that Depp should play Alfred Jarry, the French writer (and of course playwright). That could have been a perfect role for Depp, but no, apparently Peter Pan is more important than King Ubu. I'll try out your coloring book! Bye now.

wouldn't Depp be great as any of those artists especially now that he lives in france...maybe someone will write the perfect avant garde art screenplay...I look forward to your coloring book page

barbie doll johnny barbie doll johnny

For the Johnny Depp Colouring Book.

Re: how could I resist?

So Cute!!! Love that hot pink!

sparkle sparkle - luv it!


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

i made him look quite seedy.

It brings out the Andy Wharhol in you my dear! Fabulous!

thank you honoria, this was very fun to do, i'd never tried to pop-artify something in photoshop before!

Elvis has left the building.

Nice collaboration Honoria.

Very nice stuff so far. Love the results. Special props and hugz to Sonics for her Jaded Dep.

Here's my humble contribution . . .

Golden Boy

Re: Nice collaboration Honoria.

Thanks! Receiving you shades of Deppitude with gratitude!

Re: Nice collaboration Honoria.

ARGGHH Yegawds!

I misspelled his name! - OY Vehgas.
Flog me with a wet kanoodle.

Placed your collab on my mailart blog - hope you get many more contributions my dear

(Deleted comment)

Re: from the Captain

Is that by Capt. Reg or Capt. Kangaroo?
Me likes. very punky.

The natural look but...

...just a little left of center.

Re: The natural look but...

very subtle, just like Roux, thank you!

Re: The natural look but...

the look is perfect, you can sense his famous little snarl wanting to come out...

A pastel femme Johnny from Mick Boyle. Thank you Mick!
femme Johnny picture in pastel colors - colored by Mick Boyle

Re: femme and fabulous

check out Mick's mail art collaborations: http://digitalmailart.blogspot.com/

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