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I've been working on my CV and portfolio. To apply to all those teaching jobs I developed a laborous research statement. Since I have a non-faculty job with much less stress I made a new research statement. Comments and links to more art blogs welcome -- http://www.mailartist.com/honoria/teaching/researchstatement.html

2005 Research: Art Blogs

In the beginning I painted on paper, then I wondered into online worlds where I wrote myself into various identities and created an opera, then I joined online communities and even made a living as a moderator for a while--I still moderate www.plexus.org/chalkboard/oneworld/. Now I art blog at honoriartist.livejournal.com. All the while I've been creating works on paper including a big work on paper called a dissertation. Now I'm back to creating little works on paper, paintings and life drawings, and my research is smaller and more personal too -- art blogs.

Networked computers started a global frenzy of emailed and Web-paged public proclamations of attitudes, impressions, random thoughts, heartfelt conclusions, rash judgments, strong reactions, conjectures, speculations, and theories in the form of poetry, prose, diaries, and sexual fantasies. Slightly behind but parallel to these multitudes of self-published texts came a throng of images crowding onto the Web as charts, icons, gifs, jpgs, animations, flash, graphic novels, video clips, and just about anything you can do with a digital camera.

In addition to a growing number of digital artists and grass roots image-makers, traditional paper/canvas/sculpture artists digitize their "real world" artworks for the purpose of promotion and exhibition. Art blogs are self-organizing responses to the deluge of images and artistic projects.

Variations in art blogs

* artists blog about their own work
* communities of artists post work on a single theme
* communities of artists collaborate on projects
* spaces for gallery professionals and artists to meet
* art criticism blog hubs

As networked artists are defining themselves one has to cast a broad net to find the many configurations of artistic actions happening around the networked world. Here are a few configurations I've found:

* arts collaboration
* art communities
* individual artist portfolios functioning as personal galleries
* the webification of historic art movements such as mail art and dada

The Web hosts a quickly evolving art scene with galleries of artworks, critics and artists. Art communities form and disolve, attractors bring people together and new technological possibilities are packed into each software release. The art blogs may be a format that snags and holds these changes long enough to discover patterns in the art, artists, art criticism, and public attitudes toward art on the Internet. My methodology is to hang out, make art, type to people and read. Where is your art blog?

Art blog hubs:

* www.livejoural.com
* www.blogger.com
* www.artsjournal.com/blogs/
* http://miamiartexchange.typepad.com/
* http://art.blogging.la/

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