November 12th, 2001

pinhole camera

interactive ezine?

I wonder what an "interactive ezine" is that Kiyotei was talking about? I'll have to write to him that I don't feel like a voyeur. Of course, I don't want anyone else to think of me as such since I am a mail artist first and a researcher second. My main concern is that I don't want aggressive people to read about the LiveJournal community and join the mail art community to cause trouble or to tell the artists here that they are all wrong about stuff. Ruin the atmosphere. That would be horrible. Meanwhile I'd like to work in photoshop and see if I can get an artist trading card down to a nice size and post it into the conversation since there is already a little thread on ATCs.
pinhole camera


I saw the opera Faust twice this week. The Russian Mephistopheles was fantastic. In the beginning the whole cast sang God Bless America and it was a bit of a mixed message to see the devil singing it. I guess you just have to suspend your belief.
pinhole camera

page from my sketchbook

I'm going to try to link to an image and see if I can post it. If it works the image will be a postcard play by David of a May Wilson trick of putting her image on a museum post card. I added the womenhat of the women mail artists from the Fake Ray Johnson Weekend last year. Drat it didn't work:-(

Hey Kiyotei thanks so much for the help. I know I have to find a server that will allow a link to images. It would be good if we could do it on a paid account here. The women are Anna Banana, Judith Hoffberg, Dragonfly Dream, Anina from Belgium, me, Jean Kusina, Patricia Trump, and others. There was a lively and substantial collection of fe-mail artists.
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