January 3rd, 2002

pinhole camera


Mail art is all subjectivity and when participants attempt to be objective about it there is a feeling of disconnect. Applying methods of analysis to mail art doesn't seem to fit into the idea of personal subjective exchanges of art. I will have mail artists' voices everywhere in the dissertation to serve as illustrations of artists in their social creative acts of exchanging their views even while I am applying methods of analysis to the interchanges. An authentic respect will be the overarching theme of the dissertation, just like it is in the network.
pinhole camera

Black glitterless glue

Oh Elmer's I love you. I bought a ten pack of glitter glue and five of the tubes are not glittery and one of the opaque 3-D tubes is black. I made an elephant card for Ennio by drawing the elephant with the black gluepaint and it turned out so great. I should have taken it to school and scanned it but I put it in the mail box already. Elmer's glitter glue is superior to Crayola glitter glue but I heard somewhere they were owned by the same company. Maybe it's just the tips that don't clog. The black stuff has a sheen to it like an oil spill too.