March 31st, 2002

pinhole camera

Plerk that correspondence

Today I feel like it is time that I can really start on thinking about and coding the next chapter of my dissertation while at the same time finishing reading the Discovery of Grounded Theory. My plan, as well as the physical plan of cutting the printed papers apart and stapling them onto ribbons, is to insert the code and memo elements into a document on the Interview files or into the appendix of the dissertation document itself. I think I'll follow the pattern that I've set for myself of treating each chapter on its own and making a separate file for the new chapter. What shall I call it -- Plerking and Correspndancing, "plerking" for short. That name will keep the plerk essay on my mind's eye as I work on grounding the theory out of my data. ("Plerk" is a word made from the combination of play and work.)
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