July 17th, 2002

pinhole camera

John Held essay day and art collection news

A new day--John Held essay day. I started on it a little yesterday in the LSC and now I'll go to the flightpath coffee house. Then I will do Carla Cryptic's essay then Dragonfly Dream's. Yesterday I received several whole sheets of Greg Byrd's fabulous Ray Johnson "entanglement" stamp. One of the sheets was signed and I framed it. It's going to hang near my Ray Johnson print. I seem to be amassing a little collection of framed Ray images. My house is decorated with a funny combination of Uncle Laddie's paintings of Florida swamps, his trip to Europe, and mail art. I frame the mail art in rather informal way with random frames from Goodwill. Once I wrote about framing mail art on a message board and got quite a response. Maybe there is an unwritten rule about framing mail art. Oops. I guess I broke yet another unwritten rule.
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