August 11th, 2002

pinhole camera

Resting and reading mysteries

OK what's next? I feel upbeat about it all but I'm not writing. I'm resting. I'm reading. I just read Weiland a 1782 book in epistolary style about mystery and ventriloquism. Rather haunting. Now I'm reading new Sherlock Holmes stories wrtten by contemporary mystery writers. It's fun but I'm not working on the dissertation. Oh well, just 15 minutes a day and it will get done even if it costs 1500 a semester that I don’t have--I do have the credit cards. I will finish. The faster I get to it then the faster it will be finished. Go honoria. Ok so I did figure out what to say about John and I'm putting in the final edits to his essay. What I'll say about Dragonfly is that she puts her life story online. The web is a natural medium for her to communicate with intersecting communities of practice, interests, hobbies all recorded in an idiosycratically integrated setting on her website.