August 14th, 2002

pinhole camera

femail art revisionist villain

I'm having trouble thinking how to put in the stories of the early adopters such as Mark Bloch and CrackerJack Kid and Charles Francois because that's already history in terms of my focus. The dis is now getting big really fast and the bigger it gets the more I have to focus to make my main points. Everyone is important to building confidence to bring new media into mail art but I will have to draw the line and I may not have room for the pioneers, yet I think they are very important. They may get a paragraph. They might get another dissertation by someone else. Hard work, but interesting. I think in general the guys (male artists) are going to be a bit shocked by the number of women in this report. I'm sure some guy will accuse me of skewing my data. That will be fun -- to be a femail art revisionist villain for a while.