September 22nd, 2002

pinhole camera

Bio heading

I have to write a flashy sounding bio for myself and found this headline in the NYTimes men's fashion section on Charles Schumann:
A Mann for all seasons -- barkeeep, model, boxer, chef and design aficianado--multitasks in Austin in clothes as versitile as his resume. So I adapted it to me:
An artist for all seasons: correspondence artist, Internet opera impresaria, grounded theory researcher, thrift store fashionista--multitasks in art-making, dissertation writing, fundraising, and creative technology dabbling.

I'm not sure about the dabbling part. It should be more forceful a verb -- playful and creative at the same time. I'm going to ask my friends for comments. I'm using Jon Lebkowsky's article on me for the Austin Chronicle as a basis for my bio that I need to put the opera into the collection of hot Internet art projects.
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