September 26th, 2002

pinhole camera

willie and bill

4:21 a.m. I can't sleep so I'm playing my Willie Nelson CD and finishing a few things I didn't do on my day of being oh so femme! My toes are so pink. The color is actually called "All Rose lead to Rome." I wore my gondola dress. The first above the knee dress I've owned in years and I wore my little silver shoes and took my little silver purse and boy I felt so femme. What a nice vacation. I'm going to carry that femme into work. I can't influence the guys even on the Dr. Mink inside consultant level except make this proposal go smoother by pointing out overview stuff in the most delicate way and plug in the details as fast as I can. Then of course work all weekend if needed and be of good cheer and smile and problem solve and learn. Bill sent me his new essay on Ray Johnson and Marianne Moore and as usual it’s a fantastic blend of sensuous memories and intellectual analysis. I'm glad Bill's my pen pal. Who could have predicted that?
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    Willie Nelson- blue eyes crying in the rain