October 23rd, 2002

pinhole camera

vacation is near when you have that Tom Cruise dream

I received my creative writing hypnosis CD and it's fun. The voice of the hypnotist is quite perky and quick, unlike all the other recordings I've heard -- not many-- in which the voice is low and slow. This one has me going through endless doors full of inspiration in my mind after bathing myself in a relaxing and creative color of light and then seeing myself in the color and then seeing myself in the color in a movie which reminds me of the dream I had, and maybe lead to the dream I had, in which I befriended Tom Cruise. At one point I told Tom he liked me because out of all the people around him I brought his blood pressure down. Tom and I were pretty good buddies by the end the dream. I did laundry in readiness for our trip and got my hair cut since the seminar let out a bit early.
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