December 9th, 2002

pinhole camera

Moveable Feast

I bought more Hemingway over the weekend and finished editing the essay chapter. I'm printing it for one more readthrough and sending this edited version to advisor John. When he gives the go ahead I can send it to the artists who participated in the interviews. That will be the first time to get feedback from actual mail artists. I'm looking forward to hearing their reactions.
pinhole camera

Missing Miss Ruby

It's so chilly in the house, I'm shivering. But I'm also reading Hemingway and the heat's on so things will soon warm up. When we went to Florida I knew I had to read Hemingway but I didn't realize how great he is! Now I've read Islands in the Stream and Garden of Eden and now I'm reading about Paris in the Moveable Feast. I knew, of course, but didn't ever see for myself, that he was a friend of the cubists and my gal Gertrude Stein. Somehow I'd heard only that he wrote short stories and was popular, not that he was a kind of cubist writer. Really I'm swept up in Hemingway these days and it's having a good effect on my dissertation because it's easy to get theoretical and silly and circumspect when you have to go through the ornate dance routines of academia. But it's better to be thinking and typing, especially EDITING with Papa Hemingway looking over your shoulder.