December 29th, 2002

pinhole camera

murder and the OED

We may go to brunch at the Granite Café to see Kate's photographs. I am on page 12 of the edit of the Ruud chapter. I took two sections out. I took out Ruggero's section, he never wrote back to me with confirmation of my suggestions for clarifying his meaning. I also edited out the part about disabilities but I may put the one about disabilities back in. I'll have to ask John. I'm reading the story of the Oxford English Dictionary. A book by Simon Winchester called the Professor and the Madman. It's a good story, a jaunty journalistic research novel. Good reporting of dead people's passions and insanities. I also have a yen to paint some postcards. It's a nice quiet day with some plane shopping on the list and time for coffee house composition.
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