December 31st, 2002

pinhole camera

blog interview

Jon is doing an interview with Austin Bloggers for the Chron so I just sent him a little story on how I got to LiveJournal. Meanwhile back in dissertationland I rewrote the Ruud chapter and now I'm off to print. Then to rewrite the message board chapter. The trick now is for all the chapters to flow into each other. Now that I know where the later chapters end up it's a matter of making the early chapters become a bilbo to their frodo.
pinhole camera

new year's evening

Happy New Year We are going to go to a couple of parties, maybe more. Today I rewrote the message board chapter. It went from 30 to 10 pages. I finished editing the Ruud chapter and printed it for the final look-through. Then I'm going to paste them all together. I'll have a 4-chapter dissertation chunk. Next will be implications/conclusions, introduction and the references -- figuring out EndNote and the requirements of the graduate school.
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