March 29th, 2003

pinhole camera

Pastels aplenty

Today we had pozole with Sandy and the old 1:11 writing crowd. Maida said that Dominic's new class is much more interesting than the Informal Classes gatherings. I thing I may take another class when I start to rewrite the dissertation as a book. We went flying and it was so cold. Sarah and I took the baby and went someplace warm, a coffee house, then to a GoodWill where I bought a nice eggplant wool sweater even though the Texas heat will still be here, today is chilly. Last night Knut gave me an Art Bin with 3 levels of 48 compartments each filled almost full with new or only slightly used Rembrandt pastels! Someone had given it to Heather, she gave it to Knut to give to me. Wow! What an amazing present!!! I'm so happy. Today I bought some yellow ones and found out they were $3 each. I also bought some paper and fixative and told the staff of the store that I was going to make postcards and send raw pastel postcards in the mail, they sold me the top of the line fixative. I want to make a thank you pastel for Heather and a wild pastel for Federico and Silvia in Florence.